[Video] Event: “The Best Gateway to Europe” 11 & 12.05.19 – IMM Group & Arton Capital


The Vietnamese high net worth individuals are giving serious attention to the concept of “Global Citizenship” for their family future.

This event was organised in Vietnam by IMM GROUP, the Vietnamese company with 14-year experience in cross-bordered investment and ARTON CAPITAL, the international immigration investment company authorised by 11 countries.

Article about the event is available at: http://bit.ly/IMMGroupArtonCapital

IMM Group


IMM Group chosen as Cybarco’s exclusive representative in Vietnam

Cybarco is the leading luxury property developer in Cyprus. This prestigious company has just chosen IMM Group as its exclusive representative in Vietnam. To mark this, IMM Group is holding “Meeting with Cybarco’s CEO Week” with a promotion package of up to 1 billion VND for each customer who decides to own luxury property getting […]

[Video] IMM Group Team Building 06/2019 Ninh Binh Together We build IMM Society

“The shared joy and happiness in what we do are some parts of IMM’s cultureand this culture must harmonize individual’s values. Individual values are critical.They are included within the way we treat each other,the way we behave to our partners,the way we run our business and serve our clients. And that is exactly how we […]

The first 7 Vietnamese investors and their families became global citizens through the event “The Best Gateway to Europe”

2019 is a vibrant year of foreign investment market in Vietnam. Only within the first 6 months of the year, following the strategy of bringing large corporations from the United States, Australia, Europe to Vietnam to introduce investment opportunities, IMM Group held 7 large successful events all over the country. Each event attracted 1,500 registrations […]

IMM Group and Arton Capital introduce 2 investment programs for Vietnamese people to obtain European citizenship

To meet the increasing demand for becoming global citizens, IMM Group in collaboration with Arton Capital introduce to Vietnamese investors 2 attracting programs to obtain EU citizenship permanently within only 6 months to 2 years. According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh (John) – Chief Operating Officer of IMM Group, at the present, investment program to […]

[Video] Exhibition & Selling Australian Nationwide Real Estates 20.04.2019

Reaching 1,600 registrations to the event and consulting inquiries, in Ho Chi Minh City, April 20th, 2019, the event was successfully hosted by IMM Group, Spire Property and 7 remarkable Australian developers. This is a part of the collaboration strategy between IMM Group and significant worldwide partners in order to open great opportunities for Vietnamese investors.

50 scholarships supporting needy students to take university entrance exams

The program which granted 50 scholarships supporting needy students in Binh Minh district, Vinh Long province, Vietnam, to take their university entrance exams was the IMM Group's largest charitable activity in 2012 after many years of the company carrying out programs in this area.